Download Nepali Barnamala App

Download Nepali Barnamala app for free from Google Play or App Store to access it anywhere, anytime. Nepali Barnamala app is available for your Android Phone as well as iPhone.

With this Nepali Barnamala app, you can learn basic Nepali, listen and practice on the go. Nepali Barnamala has:

  • Beautiful and user-friendly interface
  • Learn and practice your pronunciation with native audio
  • Share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Play games
  • Take exams etc.

Click on the specific link to download Nepali Barnamala app for free from Google Play or Apple Store.

What is the Nepali Barnamala app?

The Nepali Barnamala mobile app helps you to learn the basics of the Nepali language. With its intuitive and simpler UI, you can read Nepali, Practice Nepali, Listen to the alphabets and poems. You can also play the games and give a simpler exam. The best part is you can play the interactive games and give the test in the app itself. Nepali Barnamala app will have a lot more interactive games and exams in its upcoming version. Download Nepali Barnamala app now; happy learning.

What are the Features of the Nepali Barnamala App?

Nepali Barnamala App, has a lot of features that you’ll find useful while learning the Nepali language:

  • Simple, Easy to use, elegant user interface
  • Made for learners and kids
  • User-friendly App
  • Lovely games
  • Nepali Poems
  • Nepali Stories
  • Nepali General Knowledge
  • Fun exams
  • It’s FREE !! Download Nepali Barnamala App now.

Why should you Download Nepali Barnamala App?

Using the Nepali Barnamala app, you and your kids will not only learn the Nepali language in no time, but it’ll also help them to understand and recognize the Nepali Alphabet easily. With the help of this Nepali Barnamala app, you can easily learn Nepali Alphabet in a fun way. Special stress has been given to improve the pronunciation of the words to make the learning experience enjoyable.

Still, thinking? Download Nepali Barnamala App now and enjoy the learning experience. The best part is you can request new features to the developers of the app and they’ll keep on adding the features you’ve requested over time and you’ll love it.

 How to Download Nepali Barnamala App?

The Nepali Barnamala App can be downloaded from one of the links below. It will take a few seconds for the additional components to be downloaded from the server. From within the Nepali Barnamala app, you can read, listen, and practice Nepali.

Click here to download Nepali Barnamala App for Android Phone

Click here to download Nepali Barnamala App for iPhone

Our app works offline too, so you can learn Nepali wherever you are. Nepali Barnamala App is the ultimate Nepali learning app. It’s created by Nepali language experts. It’s super easy to use for everyone, including complete beginners.

How to Use Barnamala App?

Once you download Nepali Barnamala app, you can navigate to the different sections from the home page to see the categories like consonants, vowels, numbers, poems, stories, knowledge, games, arts, and exams. Tap on the specific section you would like to learn and enjoy the learning. There are various interactive elements within the app where you can listen to the audio, read yourself, and practice in the games and exam section.

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