What is Nepali Barnamala App?

Hamro Nepali Barnamala is a Nepali language learning app from Soft Veins now for kids on the go. It enables them to easily learn Nepali by reading, listening, and practicing.

We developed this app “Nepali Barnamala” with the intention of making it easy and fun for children to learn Nepali. It’s free and always will be as long as they want to learn.

We make it easy for people to learn Nepali by providing learning modules. The app is designed to be user-friendly and makes learning Nepali simple & beautiful. It’s language-agnostic, so anyone can pick up the basics of Nepali without having to learn the traditional way.

What is inside the Nepali Barnamala App?

The app features a wide range of elements that would attract a diverse range of people. These include ka Kha, A AA, numbers, poems, stories, knowledge games, and arts. Learning Nepali has never been this easy – we have modules that allow you to just tap and listen to how the word is pronounced.

The Game module of the Nepali Barnamala App allows for playing simple games & understanding the basics of the Nepali language. It provides opportunities to play match games, matching words, fill in the blanks or similar types of games to learn basic concepts quickly.

The knowledge section is pretty self-explanatory and contains various general knowledge about days, months, family members, body parts of the human body, seasons and polite words or magic words. There’s also a brief overview of professions and times.

The Art section allows people to brainstorm ideas and save them for later. The app can be used so you can physically draw your thoughts without needing a pen & paper, saving the work in the gallery for future inspiration.

The Nepali Barnamala app exam module lets them see how far they’ve come and share the result with friends on social media.

Nepali Learning App

Nepali Barnamala App, by Soft Veins is one of the best Nepali-learning apps available in the App Store. It is available for both iOS and Android so you can download it on your preferred device. Some apps are overly complicated and difficult to understand, but Nepali Barnamala is designed for simplicity. It’s clear where everything is and the design of the app was painstakingly developed for complete ease of use.

The Nepali Barnamala app is one of the most popular Nepali-learning apps that people love spending time with. The team will keep working hard to make this a comprehensive app where you can learn about everything, starting from Nepali gestures and phrases, up to language skills.

Why Nepali Barnamala by Soft Veins?

Nepali Barnamala App is the simplest and coolest app to learn Nepali in no time.

  • Easy, Useful, and Learnable
  • Learn Nepali grammar in a very easy and user-friendly way
  • User-friendly App
  • Fun games
  • Poems
  • Stories
  • General Knowledge
  • Exams
  • Most important, it’s FREE !!

Future updates for Nepali Barnamala

We believe that basic education for kids is very important and want to create the best means of helping them learn to read, write and speak Nepali. This app will be simple & efficient which means you won’t need to spend time trying to figure things out. You’ll be able to learn what you need in a short amount of time.

This future version of the app will include a “journey mode”, which will be a new way for students to learn the Nepali language. The journey mode will include games and other materials that help people improve their listening, writing, and speaking skills. Click here to download the Nepali Barnamala App.

Nepali Barnamala
Published On: October 5th, 2021 /

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